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Al Rajef 86MW Wind Farm Project will result in crucial positive environmental and economic impacts on the strategic and national level given the current challenges the energy sector in Jordan is facing.


Such positive impacts are important to consider and take into account and include the following:


  1. The Project allows for more sustainable development and shows the commitment of the Government of Jordan to realizing its Energy Strategy and meeting the set targets for renewable energy sources;

  2. The Project will contribute to increasing energy security through reliance on an indigenous,
    inexhaustible and mostly import‐independent energy resource. The expected electricity generation from the Project will serve the annual electricity needs of more than 60,000 local households;

  3. The Project will produce clean energy which will contribute to lowering electricity generation costs 
    when compared to the current costs associated with liquid fuels, and thus leads to a substantial 
    decrease in the Government of Jordan’s fiscal deficit; and

  4. The clean energy produced is expected to reduce consumption of fuel oil and/or natural gas currently used at thermal power plants for electricity generation in Jordan. This will help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as air pollutant emissions – the Project is expected to offset more than 160,000 ton of CO2 annually.

For further information, please refer to the below documents.

Environmental and Social

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment

التقييم البيئي  الاولي لخط النقل العلوي

خطة اشراك  المجتمعات المحلية المتاثرة 

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

الملخص غير الفني

Environmental & Social Action Plan

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